Thursday, September 23, 2010

Well, that was a disappointment...

The two new girls, Millie and Confetti, are going back to their breeder on Sunday... They are just waaaay too wild and flighty and apparently come from a line of nervous birds so they won't calm down over time.

Such a disappointment, they are sooo pretty!

I have a hard time putting food and changing the water in their condo, they freak out and slam themselves against the walls, screaming and hyperventilating, feathers flying everywhere until they fall in a heap of exhaustion - even if I'm sooo gentle and slow and quiet - man it's stressful. I'm afraid they'll die of a self-induced heart attack FFS!

Never seen anything like this - ugh. And I had researched the breed beforehand, too - Mille Fleurs are supposed to be very calm and docile, perfect for children even.

Whoooa. Not these two.

They cannot be trusted in a cage-free environment and will stress out my other banties so back they go... The breeder was very understanding and is happy to get them back, in exchange I'll get two black production (laying) hens that are 6 months old, he assured me they were laid back and smooth. Perfect!

All part of the learning process, I guess...

-Technodoll aka Decision-Making Mama Hen


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry about that I know how much it upsets you but you have to do what is best for all your children.

Verde Farm said...

Oh I hate to hear that. Just wasn't meant to be but I bet you will love your new layers :)
Amy at Verde Farm

Hopeful said...

hope the scared birds get a good home and you like your new hens! yes, they were quite pretty.