Monday, September 13, 2010

...and the girlfriends!

Since it wasn't fair for Ti-Lou to hog all the attention, here he is with Lola, one of his girlfriends (same breed, blue laced red wyandotte) - isn't she beautiful? I wish I could have caught her in sunlight instead of shade, I'll try to get better photos soon...
(pic clicks bigger)

She's as cuddly soft and as sweet as she looks!

Here is her sister Lady,
who has more red and less blue:
(click to see lacing details)

I love these girls :)

They both should start laying sometime in October, they were born in April but the breed isn't that fast to mature. No rush, I'm enjoying their eye-candy factor every day!

Happy Tuesday, peeps!

-Technodoll aka Proud Mama Hen

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Verde Farm said...

Beautiful birds. I tell my husband that our chickens are like large butterflies--adding so much life and color to the yard and our world. Thanks for sharing!
Amy at Verde Farm