Sunday, September 19, 2010

Newest additions :)

I think I'm all set now until next spring... or so I hope!

On Saturday I traded a bantam BLRW cockerel for these two pretty ladies, aren't they sweet colorful things? Flighty and nervous as heck though, but that's understandable as they have never been handled and lived in tight quarters with a roo all their lives...

They are Mille Fleur d'Uccle hens,
a Belgian breed:

I've named them Millie and Confetti :-)

They are almost 10 months old now.

One is bearded and one isn't but they're just coming out of a molt so we'll see how their feathers grow in... They've never had fresh greens or been outside so they've hit the jackpot here, that's for sure. I expect them to look (and be) in much better shape in a few months after eating mama's special breakfasts!

I do hope they mellow out over time though, they almost give themselves heart attacks whenever I stick my hand in their condo to top up the food bin :-(

-Technodoll aka Full House Mama Hen


JeanMarie said...

Looking forward to the before and after photos in a few months : ) They have interesting markings. Will their eggs be colored?

Kathy said...

Very pretty Girls! Stop it!! You're making me want more...

Debby@Just Breathe said...

They are beautiful. Theirs colors are so festive for Fall!

Verde Farm said...

Gorgeous hens! I think you made a good trade and they are going to be in hog, I mean chicken heaven :) LOL
Amy at Verde Farm

Foothills Poultry said...

They may never be the completely tame, but they will learn that they can trust you. Time, patience, and love is all it takes. OH and Treats help too.

The dutch I rescued from a small cage and dark barn took a week before they would touch grass. They didn't know what it was. It was almost 3 months to get them to eat from my hands. Amber and TwoTwo get to freerange now and they sleep in the Faverolle side of the freerange house.


Sandra said...

I've always wanted chickens! My husband is putting his foot down on that one though :(
Please tell me you aren't going to eat them?

Anonymous said...

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