Thursday, September 16, 2010

Prepping for winter - yes, already!

Is it me or aren't the seasons just crashing into each other at breakneck speed?

Scary Mary!

We're soon getting near-freezing temps at night so one of my projects today includes winterizing the small coop where our banties sleep -

Remember the re-purposed ice fishing shack?

The windows have gaps all around them so they need sheeting with plastic to cut the drafts - I also need to clean up all the cobwebs near the tin roof and try to plug the gaps there with pink insulation fiber. That will allow me to use the 175W heating lamp during the night so the wee ones don't freeze when the temps dip below zero.

By end of October the flocks' new winter quarters should be all ready (I'm fixing up part of the stables for them), it will be sad to not see them free-range outside during the day but what can you do - it's gonna be cold, dark and full of snow until next spring so we have to adapt.

How do you deal with winter and your flocks?


Sarah said...

Our chooks still free range when snows on the ground. They aren't impressed that they can't get to the grass, so we clear some for them. Then they are happy!

We give them some warm porridge when it gets very cold and nice fatty things like peanuts and sunflower seeds!

Hugs, Sarah x

Verde Farm said...

Sarah, great idea!! Mine free range too but I haven't been as nice as you and now I will!!
As for prepping for winter, I just can't bring myself to mentally believe it is going to be here again soon. Last year was rough and I am thinking of being a bear this year and waking up in the spring! :) Thanks for reminding me that I need to get our coop ready. We do have a bunch of chicks that stay in the coop year round with a run as well as the free range gang.
Amy at Verde Farm