Tuesday, August 16, 2011

hangin' out on the front porch

I didn't know the video would turn out so narrow, LOL!

Next time I'll film in landscape mode and not in portrait mode.

But still, it gives you an idea of the dirty faces
we have to live with on muddy days like these!

Gotta love 'em :-)

Saturday, August 13, 2011


I love receiving my weekly Healthy Chickens Bulletin - go check it out, it's free and super easy to sign up for! Each e-issue delivered to your email inbox contains valuable information, tip and tricks, answers to common questions we chicken hobbyists face every day, jokes and cartoons.

Love it :-)

In other news my total flock is now reduced to 53 and seems to be holding steady for now...

Except that I'm pretty sure one of my two 6-week old bantam white cochins, Storm, is a boy... which means I'll have to rehome him before winter... huge sniff :-(

And Oh My Goodness - is it already mid-August?!