Thursday, September 9, 2010

The deadliest hunter

Today I saw my sweet little tame Diva (a small white leghorn pullet with the biggest personality ever) running around with A DEAD MOUSE in her beak :-o

Of course she was being chased by a few other girls who wanted some o'dat tasty snack -


I don't know if she found the mouse in the bushes or if she killed it but oh wow, I never expected to see that... I mean I've heard of chickens killing and eating mice and small rodents but seeing is believing, LOL!

I love my girls - they've got SKILLZ! :-D

-Technodoll aka Proud Mama Hen


Kathy said...

Don't you just love it when your hens get their Veleciraptor on?? My Girls do that with big fat toads, that take on a disturbingly human shape when their limbs are stretched out and dangling... uuuhg!

prin said...


Anke said...

I had no idea chickens could kill mice, let alone eat them. What will be next, having a 'mouser chicken' instead of a cat?

Sarah said...

Yes indeedy, my girls do that, well one in particular! She had one in bits, then had a whole one in her mouth, back legs and tail sticking out! She swallowed it whole. Eueegh!

Sarah said...
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