Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hotel Chook

As promised, here are a few pics of the girls (and boys) in their new winter digs!

Ti-Lou's group have the biggest space
since they are 23 birds in all
(notice proud Ti-Lou in front!)

Basically, two 10 x 13 stalls with a door in between,
plenty of space for everyone. 
Sleeping quarters on one side,
nesting boxes on the other.

Lunch time!

The photos don't show how nice and big the space is,
specially for me cuz I can stand up straight in it!
Not like the 5 foot high coop they were in before...

Jericho's group (13 birds) also have two stalls,
about 6 x 13 each - joined by a walk-through .

Proud Jericho with his flock o'girls!

Again, difficult to photograph the space
but it's very bright and there is plenty of room
for everyone!
In the corner is their sleeping pallet,
they all snuggle up there at night.

I would need my good camera with wide-angle lens to get a good photo but there is too much dust in the barn, I don't want to risk crapping up my expensive equipment for nothing soooo you'll have to use your imaginations, LOL!

Got everyone moved JUST in time.

We've been slammed with a huge blizzard the past two days and it's not over yet, still two and maybe three more days of snow to go! And it's bleddy freezing! :-o

Hope your birds are all safe and sound for the long winter ahead :)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am impressed. Their quarters look wonderful and warm. So glad you got them inside before the storms. Stay safe and warm.

Hopeful said...

now that is a wonderful winter space!! i could feel the cozy through the computer thinking of the winter outside their area. lucky birds!! as for me, i do have to say one nice thing (and there aren't many nice things left) about california is the weather. went outside with my birds today in shorts, flip flops and a t shirt. they wouldn't know what to do out your way!! guess i got lucky birds also. good job on your winter coop. looks fantastic. you stay warm out there and hope you have had some good fires going.

Busy Bee Suz said...

This looks amazing.
The Ritz for chicks!!!!!

~ deb ~ said...

I love the indoor digs .. I'm so jealous!

Candice said...

Such a nice winter area for them!

Sarah said...

When can I move in!

My 'girls' haven't been impressed with the cold, but now the snow is gone they are loving the grass again! They are also getting to dig in the vegetable patch now the veg is all gone.

Hugs, Sarah x

Janean said...

hoity-toity digs!!!