Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The circle of life :)

As comes death, comes life to replenish the energy cycle... 
and feed this mama hen's love of cute little baby peepers!

Come on, how cute are these?
Babies from my first incubation last March :)

Yes, I succumbed once again to the temptation and will be firing up an incubation of silkie eggs on Dec 30th! I've started collecting and rotating the eggs, not sure how many I'll end up with but it won't be that many I should think... Although the past two days I've collected 9 of them. Ooops.

I have a nice big forced-air Hovabator with turning tray, which I've used 3 times since I got it for my birthday last January. I'm totally way overdue :-D

But mostly, I want to secure some babies from Tyler - should anything ever happen and I lost him without having his progeny, I would never forgive myself, I'd be doubly heart-broken. He is truly one-of-a-kind, my absolute favorite of my entire flock. Hims my crazy lil'sweetheart, remember this video I posted of him last summer?

Awe, now I miss the little bugger,
have to wait until tomorrow morning
to "chat" with him :-D

Anyhoo. I've checked a few of the eggs in that pen and they're fertile, and he's the only roo mating with the hens (he is The Boss) so I assume any babies that hatch - god willing - will be little half-Tylers.

Moms are white silkies and white silkie/sultan mixes. 

Should be so! Cute!

I'll update once the incubation is on the way. Wooo!


Hopeful said...

i didn't get to follow your last incubation, so i can't wait to follow this one! i hope i can learn something also as i want to cross my RIR rooster and plymouth barred rock hen to get "black rocks". can't wait to see how your babies do!! have fun with your tyler tomorrow! ha ha.

JeanMarie said...

As one of your "enabling friends" I look forward to hearing all about it, each step of the way : )

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! I'd forgotten how adorable he is! Everyone should have a Tyler :)

Thank you for your lovely comment about my HUGE guinea pig.

Hugs, Sarah x

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That will be awesome. Tyler is just so darn sweet. Can't wait to see his babies.

C said...

they are so freekin cute! but mr. tyler is a polygamist and i'm tellin...