Sunday, August 1, 2010

We're freeeee!

Yep, it's that wonderful time of year again when the big girls get to break free of their luxurious living quarters to have free run of our yard until snowfall - go on sweeties, dig through those gardens for mama, hunt those bugs down! Eat all the greens you want! Woo!

They don't venture too far from their home though:

Happy hens :)

In other news I re-homed four babies yesterday (two sulkie roos and a bantam cochin pair), they went to a wonderful home so I'm very pleased for them - and for us, too, since that opens up more space and care-time for the rest of the flock.

Lacey, our remaining white silkie roo, is also going to a new home on Tuesday... We love him and he's a perfect little boy except for his horrendous screechy crow which is driving both us and the neighbors mad with stress. Sigh.

Ta for now!

-Technodoll aka Responsible Chicken Mama


Just Breathe said...

They look very happy!

prin said...

So you'll have no more silkies?

Technodoll said...

We'll still have 5 white silkies (4 girls, 1 boy) and of course Tyler, our fab little pardridge silkie with a personality the size of texas ;-)

Also we'll be getting 2 more silkies soon from my friend... red girls yey!

I wish roos weren't so darn noisy :(

Anke said...

Beautiful picture, looks so idyllic...