Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lazy bums!

I'm quite peeved right now.

Of 28 laying girls I'm lucky to be getting a dozen eggs a day. Yesterday I got ten and today isn't looking any better, despite the main flock having been locked in their coop and run (no free-ranging) today as a test. It's pathetic.

46 chickens:

5 roosters,
4 chicks,
9 girls too young to lay yet,
and the rest on welfare!

Anyone else having a dry spell lately or am I just unlucky? :-/

-Technodoll aka Frustrated, Egg-less Mama Hen


Sarah said...

Yep, dry spell here!

9 hens, 7 laying (ones a Mummy and ones a chick!), but only 2 eggs today :(. I was quite excited to have got 4 yesterday!

It's been raining like you wouldn't believe here in the UK, maybe that's put them off.

I miss having eggs worth carrying the egg basket out for.

Hugs, Sarah x

The Chicken Keepers said...

We are doing OK.
Some days they almost all lay an egg, then there are the days that about half of them lay.
The weather plays a BIG part in how many eggs are laid.

Hope you get more eggs soon!

The Chicken Keepers

prin said...

Well, both my dogs started rabidly blowing their coats a couple days ago, so something is in the air...

Foothills Poultry said...

With a slight break in the extreme heat my girls have picked up again. They are pushing 30-40 eggs a day, which is about half the ladies.

I still don't get enough for my customers and have had several new walk-ups to the front door wanting to buy eggs. Had to turn most of them away.


Debby said...

Sorry :( Hopefully they will do better being cooped but that's not the point of free-range, is it?