Thursday, August 12, 2010

No dramas, but...


At least one of the four chicks I hatched July 18th and kept hoping they were all girls is a boy. With my luck I'll end up with three boys and only one girl!

Oh goodness, please not again - I'm just cursed that way.

*need good girl hen vibes, peeps!*

This weekend we're going to an agricultural fair that's a couple towns over, hope to see lots of sweet chickens!

I'll take pics :-)

-Technodoll aka Testosterone Magnet Mama Hen


Anonymous said...

Thinking pink... sending girl vibes, sending girl vibes... thinking very feminine thoughts... girl vibes..

Hope that helps. :-)


prin said...

Yey pics! Somehow, I think it's you. Your high estrogen makes them counteract with testosterone. :D

Just Breathe said...

Looking forward to the pictures.