Friday, January 28, 2011

Here are the peeeeeeeeeepers!

In all, 8 sweet babies hatched on my birthday (Jan 26th), which makes them two days old now. They all have the same father (an EE cross) except for one chick, and I've no idea who the moms are - some are pure Easter Eggers, others are half sexlink/half EE hens but the babies all hatched from green eggs.

Basically they are all mutts but IMO
they make the prettiest birds!

Here are a few of the cutest babies!

This is the last one born, a bit of a surprise actually -
and he/she is huge!

Same chick, different view -
it's silver, cream, black and dark copper...
Super le cute fluffball!

Another of my favorites,
look at those stunning colors!
Blue/steel grey with a white tummy,
a white beard and white under the eyes.
I've never seen one like this before :)

Same chick, she needs a name don't you think? ;-)

This one is the oddball,
hatched from a white egg
so mom is a white leghorn and dad
is a blue laced red wyandotte.
We call her Dottie, but with my luck
it'll be a Spot!

I adore this little cutiepie,
she is cream colored
with a silver back and a copper hat!

And lookit the giant beard she has! :-D

Still the same chick,
because she's just so photogenic!

Another fat fluffball,
looks like a bearded chipmunk - lol!

This is one of the silkies born on Jan 20th,
she has craaaazy feathers growing in -
kinda curly and silly lookin'!
Her dad has some frizzle genes so that explains it!

I'll post more pics next week...

One of the new chicks isn't doing well and I doubt it will survive the next few days, so sad... It was too weak to hatch on its own, I helped it and everything seemed fine but now it's going downhill. Weak, breathing fast, droopy wings, not eating or drinking, eyes closed most of the time... Poor thing. I have to let nature take its course, I should have not touched that egg in the first place.

Please learn from my mistake!


Steve Finnell said...

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Vegas said...

you are invited to go away and spam someone else.

Vegas said...

the pics don't capture quite what a lardy the first chick is :) They are so funny at the moment - running around with the zoomies, then falling asleep as a group in ten seconds or so :D

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry about the one who is ill.

These chicks are adorable. I can't believe how cute they are. You should be one proud mama! Love the colorings on them, even Dottie.

prin said...

omgomgomg, you hatched a penguin!?!? omgomgomg

Foothills Poultry said...

and ANOTHER person trying to get to start hatching earlier then planned.

They are really cute. I am sorry about the one that is going down. I have gave in to helping chicks before as well. Some are ok if it was a humidity issue, but most of time I end up having to euthanize. It never gets easier.


Anke said...

Aww, those little chicks are sooooo adorable! One cuter than the other... And the black one looks like a penguin. ;-)
I'm sorry about the one that's not doing well.

JeanMarie said...

You should definitely be one proud chicken Mama! The little penguin looking one is adorable! And since the Penguins are my team, do you think you could name her after my favorite player, Dupuis? We call him "Duppers". Just a thought.

Rebecca said...

Sooo cute!! Thanks for sharing their photos :) said...

oh they are just adorable, i could just kiss them all. the little silver one is especially adorable. deff needs a very good name. something dignified because he/she is in silver, such as royalty, i would begin with lady ----- or sir ----- you can fill in the blanks. he/she just looks so distinguished in his/her outfit!!

you should be very proud of all your babies, they are so lucky to have a wonderful and caring mom. and something i heard along time ago about the birthing of babies, either in shells, or through a birth canal, the struggle they go through as they come into this life gives them strength. when we help them, it takes some of that strength away so they may not be as strong. some human babies get this when they are delivered by c-section now because it is alot easier than going through the labor. anyway, im very happy these babies are fine, and sooo sorry about your other. they all look so cute.

Sarah said...

They are wonderful! The first one looks like you've been putting make up on her!

I can't wait to see how they look as they grow :)

Hugs, Sarah x

Candice said...

They are so CUUUUTE! I adore the first two especially! The first one is so much like one of my 3 chicks except kinda lighter and the penguin one is just the cutest little thing!!!