Saturday, July 10, 2010


It looks like Mango could be a girl, which would be AWESOME! Two girls are what we need for our little roo Tyler... Ah, crossing fingers!

Have to be patient, wait and see.

Today the weather is granting us a bit of respite between two massive heat waves... It's humid but it rained last night so it's a few degrees cooler, plus the skies are semi-cloudy today - makes chickens happy, very happy indeed!

I grabbed this chance to clean out all the coops and put down fresh bedding, I won't tell you how many buckets of crap I hauled out to the compost heap or how many gallons of sweat flew off my brow but it's done now and everyone should be a bit drier and those legions of flies can scram now, the buffet is closed! LOL

Stupid flies.

I'll post more pics of the cuties soon, do stay tuned!

-Technodoll aka Sweaty Mama Hen

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Just Breathe said...

Good news all around :)