Saturday, July 3, 2010


It looks like I've been duped...

I hatched three wee ones on Mother's Day (terrible birth rate, don't get me started...) and I was celebrating the fact that I had three gorgeous girls! We love girls! Lovely Annabella, Peanut and Cashew :)

But alas, Peanut is definitely a boy and Cashew is probably one, too...


I have to wait a few more weeks for final confirmation but it looks dire, folks. I need a miracle! I can keep only one roo from this breeding as the genetics are exceptional - but which one?!

Little Peanut, posing cuz he can:

Typical boy, so impatient - LOL!

My lovely sweet-as-sugar Annabella on the left,
gorgeous Cashew on the right:

I don't have a choice but to wait it out, time will tell who's really a boy and who has the sweetest temperament. Both nuts have the same parents so it's gonna be super tough deciding WHO to keep if they're both roos.

Ah! Drahma!

-Technodoll aka Mother Hen


Anonymous said...

Aww, Peanut is a doll

Deborah said...

Beautiful birds! Sorry to find out you have a roo. Seems like I'm destined for that. I bought chicks at a feed store that were supposed to be female 4 in 100 chance. I got two males. :P

But absolutely beautiful birds... what kind are they? (I'd keep little Peanut)

prin said...

I vote Cashew. :D

Good luck though. :/

C said...

lmfao@ "both nuts" ....

i couldnt stop laughing!!!


C said...

lmfao@ "both nuts" ....

i couldnt stop laughing!!!