Saturday, April 9, 2011

chicken paradise!

The long-awaited day, finally here!

After five months of being sequestered in the barn (even if their living quarters were pretty ritzy), Ti-Lou's flock got to feel the warm sunshine on their feathers again!

Vegas and I prepped the summer coop and moved everyone, boy what a job - but worth every ache and pain :-D

You couldn't find happier chickens even if you tried, LOL.

Tomorrow morning the pen doors open wide, can't wait to see the flock scattered all over the yard again... my busy little gardeners! The grass is only starting to grow in spots so I hope they don't wreck anything, otherwise I'll have to keep them penned up for another couple of weeks.

*fingers crossed*

Two more flocks to move and we're all set until November - w00t!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

How exciting for them!

David said...

Wow! You do it right!
I really enjoyed your movie and all the wonderful arrangements. I'm getting ready to do the same and it's nice to see an example.
I just had my dream come true....we got 6 chicks on Tuesday and they are spoiled with love already. I've not had chickens around since I was a kid back on a farm and now I'm 54! It's been a long time.
David/ Tropical Texana