Sunday, November 28, 2010

*waves wing hello*

The flocks are all doing well, laying lots of gorgeous eggs and making momma smile with their antics!

They've not been out the past two days due to snow on the ground (their choice) but it should melt this week so they'll be out free-ranging again before being transferred into the stables for the long cold winter...

Not sure they'll be impressed but it's for their own good.

And mine too :)

I wish I could catch a photo of them perched on the edge of their coops, staring at the white stuff on the ground with a look of horror in their eyes - LOL!

No snow chickens in my group, unfortunately.



Erin said...

My chicks are being strongly encouraged to be snow chickens! It seems to be working as long as it's above freezing.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That would be a great picture. I hope they do well in their new surroundings. Glad to hear they are doing their job and laying eggs.

Hopeful said...

ha ha - no snow chickens, huh? maybe you can get a pic before they are in their new area for the winter. oh, i bet they will appreciate the escape from the harsh weather!