Friday, November 12, 2010

Hen fruit rainbow

One of my Easter Egger girls started laying turquoise-blue eggs a few days ago and I have no clue which one it is! I wonder if it's only a temporary glitch in the paint factory of if I really could be this lucky and have a blue-laying girl? OoooOOooooO!

Sunlight washed out the colors so you can't really see,
but in real life the colors are stunning, trust me.

Also, most of my girls have started laying again after months of molts and self-appropriated vacations - woohooo! I had also switched their feed to something I thought was better but after a steady decline in eggs I switched them back to their old pellets and bam! One week later we are back to lots of nice fat eggs. I don't really understand how this works, but it does and I'm leaving it at that :-)

-Technodoll aka Happy Egg-Collecting Mama Hen


Anke said...

Those are almost to pretty to eat, almost... ;-)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The colors are beautiful, it amazes me too! I really had no idea there were colored eggs out there. That's what city life does to you.

Hopeful said...

beautiful!! those are some good looking eggs. glad everyone is back to laying and you found the right feed. i have a 3 month old easter egger and i'm excited to see what she is going to lay down the road. have a great weekend!

Janean said...

if i ever get chickens i want the colorful egg laying kind!!!!! wowzah!