Wednesday, March 9, 2011

News and such


The coop's been busy!

First, Coco made a miraculous recovery from her illness - I truly thought she wasn't going to make it but lo and behold, she's totally fine now. The power of positive mojo... and Tylan-50 antibiotics. That was a close call I hope to never repeat!

But as life gives, life also takes away...

My husband found one of my two gorgeous sweet buff orpington pullets, Wanda, cold and dead in a nesting box last Saturday. No signs of illness or injury so I think she must have been egg-bound... She was only seven months old :-(

In a rage of losing so many chooks the past few months, today I put 13 eggs (for good luck!) under Blossom, my broody silkie mama. She's hatched babies before so let's see what comes out of it in three weeks, if anything. I got some eggs from one of my friends and am crossing fingers and toes to get a few chicks - specially the black frizzle bantam cochins!

Spare COME ON CHICKIES mojo gladly accepted!

In return you get cute pics, updates, videos... LOL!

Speaking of which, remember cute baby Penguin aka Smudge?

He somehow caught the Uglies, poor thing!
Pretty sure he's a boy... 
Who knows, maybe he'll turn out handsome once all grown up?

Everyone's feathered in and developing personalities to match-
This is Nelly, whom I think is a girl...
At this age (6 weeks old) it could go either way, to be honest.
Girls! I need girls!

The babies were moved to the big silkie pen today and they are LOVING it! Finally room to flea-jump everywhere, plenty of places to explore, lots of food to throw around - the adult birds are super patient and sweet with them, I was amazed and relieved to see that as you never know how it can go.

I love my chooks :-)


Foothills Poultry said...

The first is a cockerel, I think. I would say Nelly is a pullet. I love that lavendar(self-blue) color in chickens.


prin said...

Of course the pengy grows up to be mangy. :D

I'm glad Coco is alright. Sorry about the other lady though. :(

Hopeful said...

wow, they're really growing up! i have two week olds and i can't believe they're gonna look that way in a month. hope you get hens and i'm doing the mojo chant from california!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So happy to hear about Coco. Sorry to hear about Wanda, that is so sad. Good luck with the new 13 eggs. Penguin is still cute :) Can't believe what a difference in just six weeks!