Thursday, February 3, 2011

Growin' up fast!

It was time to move the peepers to the barn yesterday, oh I was so sad to see them go! The first bunch had been in the brooder since Jan 20th and the second bunch since Jan 26th, so they were strong and healthy enough to make the transition.

Here was there brooder inside the house,
as you can see they were running out of space!
They grow so quickly...

Here they are in their transition condo!
Lots of space to run around, nice and warm,
with bedding to scratch up and nice teddy bear
to climb up on, although they've not gone near it yet.

They are very calm chicks, inquisitive and friendly
and just a pure pleasure to be around.

I miss seeing them every few hours but I try to make it to the barn at least three times a day to give them a cuddle and bring them treats, OK fine I do it for all the chooks but shhhhh don't tell the babies! ;-)

In a few weeks this condo will be too small so they will be moved to a bigger one that's just beneath this one, and then when they've outgrown that one they'll be moved to the silkie pen. I don't know what will happen to the roos yet, I sure hope there aren't that many because parting with any of my babies is terribly difficult.

More pics to come soon! :-)


Hopeful said...

thanks for posting! they are adorable. hope you don't have many roos either. i have let my broody hen have 8 eggs and she has set for 3 days now. i'll be posting progress on my blog also. i look forward to following the growth of your little peeps. post often!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

They are growing fast. They are just too cute! Glad they are all doing well.