Monday, October 25, 2010

Clucking along

What a roller-coaster of an autumn!

Some nights are below freezing and some are t-shirt warm, most of the time it's raining or just about to rain (or just finished raining), then you get bursts of cold or hot sun, one day the wind tries to carry the chooks away and the next day not a breeze stirs the flies - it's just nuts!

Luckily the birds are more patient than I am with this kind of stuff.

Zen chooks.

Barn renos: the end is finally in sight!!

All should be ready to bring the banties in by end of week and by mid-November everyone will be in their new digs inside the barn. Just need to prep their sleeping and nesting areas, sand baths and playing spots as well as patch up drafts and make sure the ventilation is good... those horses sure do make a LOT of moisture with the gallons of pee :-/

Someday I'll be able to afford a nice big brand-new coop JUST for the chooks. For the moment they have to share, ya gotta make do with what ya got.

Over and out!

-Technodoll aka Carpenter Mama Hen


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I know that our Fall has been crazy too. Lots of cloudy drizzling days. I don't like it.
Don't work too hard.

Hopeful said...

hey, even without their own coop, they sound like lucky chicks!

~ deb ~ said...

Nice blog!

~texasgal from BYC