Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome to the coop!

I've been bullied asked to blog more about my wonderful flock of feathered babies so here it goes!

The Chicken Diaries have been hatched :-)

I'll still post lots of fun chicken stuff in my daily blog but will copy the posts here for those who only want to read about cocks (and hens - he he) plus you'll find lots of tidbits here not posted anywhere else. Deal? OK!

If all goes well, in less than three weeks I'll be posting pics of newborn chicks - you won't want to miss that! I set 35 eggs in the incubator a few days ago, not sure how many are fertile or will hatch into sweet babies though... It's tough to regulate temps & humidity in this terrible summer weather, good lord we're not deep in Florida swamplands yet!! Uggghh!

*crossing fingers, toes, wings, everything*

Oh, a bit of a fun fact for you chicken newbies. Want to know if the egg you're eating is fertile or not? Look for the bullseye!

Here is an infertile egg, you only see a white dot on the yolk:

A fertile eye will show a ring around the dot,
like a donut or a bullseye:

You can see it better on this yolk:

Fertilized eggs do not taste any different to infertile ones, and do not spontaneously develop into chicks - no worries! It takes 21 days of certain temps & humidity & turning for that to happen, it's not as easy as it sounds.

Still kinda gross, eh? LOL!

Hey! Ho! Time to tend to the flocks - they do clamor for their treats of fresh bread! - so more coop drahma and lots of cool photos to follow... Stay tuned!

PS: Will you be the first to comment? Or the first to officially follow this blog? hmmm!

-Technodoll aka Mother Hen


C said...

allo! c'est moi, ton amie qui est lesbianne....!!!! bwahahahaha

i can't eat eggs no mo' for the last few years because it gags me that i am eating an embryo... sorreeee mon amie.. but i still cook wiff 'em in recipes. i just can't fry one up and eat it.

whatta cute blog you have here! and yeahhhhhh i am DA FIRST! i feel like a virgin encore!!!! bwahahaha

mother hen is such a fitting name for you on here. sooooooo cute!

and thanks for the eggo info... i guess i have never noticed except when theres blood in it. (throws up in mouth a lil). whats it mean if theres blood in it? and do i really wanna know...

take care hon..

ton amie, C

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of chicken blogging! : < >

prin said...

Aw, I totally woulda been first but, like, two people beat meh.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I had no idea about the white dot meaning. Dang it, and today I swore I would learn NOTHING!!!

So, you are moving to the Florida swamplands? We'll be neighbors.

Candice said...

I will follow with Google Reader for sure! :) How interesting about the eggs! I hope to learn much more!

JeanMarie said...

Yeah!!!! Just when I think my life couldn't possibly more full, along comes Mama Hen and her chicken blog!! I am so happy : D

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!!! Whoo Chickie Diaries! I too do not eat the fetus, but very interesting. Now lets hear some chickie gossip, who's pecking who, who clucks too much, and all the gals saying "he is such a cock" hee hee

KathyD-NJ said...

I think I just learned way more about eggs than I wanted to.....excuse me while my breakfast comes back up....